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The Ocean Data Platform (ODP) is an open and collaborative platform that harnesses the power of data liberation and contextualization for the people


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Working to make ocean data easier to find and use; leading to more evidence-based decision making for a healthy and productive ocean.

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Connecting people to catalyze new and better ways of communicating about: data needs, innovation, discovery, and ideas.

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Harnessing the latest technology so users can leverage ocean data from all types of sensors and sources to generate evidence for decision-making.

Our Values

Helping to connect stakeholders with the ocean data they need to make objective, transparent decisions about the ocean.

  • Factual Providing objective ocean data.
  • Independent A third party partner standing ready to work with data providers and users.
  • Transparent Sharing data and code, keeping partners and users in the loop, because we all care about One Healthy Ocean.


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Bring your data to life

Make ocean data more readily available for decision making.

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Data processing pipeline

We allow you to consolidate data from multiple sources for analysis and better insights.

What you can do

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Explore and extract ocean data

Use interactive tools, APIs, and software development kits to visualize, find, and extract the data you need.

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Browse the data store

Access solutions in the data store and create your own visualisations to aid your research, make informed decisions.

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Share your data

Upload your own data; get credit for your contributions; create an impact

From our users

To achieve the Sustainable Development Agenda, and in particular SDG14's drive for a healthy Ocean, it is imperative that we increase quantitative scientific knowledge and marine research capacity.

Ambassador Peter ThomsonUN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for the Ocean and Co-Chair of Friends of Ocean Action

Powered by Cognite Data Fusion

Cognite Data Fusion helps us fuse and contextualize ocean data helping users to find and analyze the data they need to make better, data-driven decisions.

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